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Drone Buyer workhorse platform the X800



Building on the experience of previous projects, Drone Buyer is proud to bring a new advanced line of multicopters products for cinematographers and industrial applications.

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This is a pre-order offer. Due to the complexity of this system we need at least 15 days from the time of purchase before we can deliver it to your door. The multicopter will be test flown a few times to make sure that all the components are working as required. Times are estimated only and will depend on availability of parts and related delays.

Call us for any questions you may have about this system at 814-880-4230.

The ultimate multicopter machine, now easier to fly than ever thanks to the included DJI DT7s or Futaba 14SD transmitter combo, which is basically the same transmitter used in the Phantom but with a more advanced receiver. If you’ve flown Phantoms before, you will feel at home with this multicopter.

The X800 multicopter is a workhorse machine, capable of lifting up to 8lbs+ reliably, this enormous multicopter will get your shots with minimal effort. It features advanced hub connectors that allow easy removal of arms and related components for transportation. Truly a technological marvel!

The included gimbal can be used as handheld or in multicopter mode thanks to our custom made adapter plate.

Included items:

X800 multicopter
DYS 4114 Motors 400KV upgradable to KDE
15×5.5 carbon fiber props or equivalent
Gimbal of your choice
DJI DT7 or Futaba 14SG (pilot transmitter)
Walkera DV-7 tx or equivalent (gimbal operator transmitter)
2x 10000mAh 6s Lipo batteries
Fast Lipo battery charger
Standard FPV 5.8GHz with cloverleaf antennas for long range video feedback.
8″ LCD monitor (no bluescreen) for FPV use.

Free extras:

Plug and play connectors. Most advanced interface setup in the industry.

System Specs

The X800 will offer plenty of lift in compact form. The quick disconnect and foldable boom design enables fast easy assembly and breakdown.

Technical Specs:
Propeller Size: up to 15 inch, 15 inch recommended
Center Plate: 240mm x 240mm
Recommended Cameras: Canon 5D / C100, Sony FS700
Payload: 8+ lbs. depending on motor setup

Suitable Camera Gimbals:
– Freefly Systems: MōVI MR, 2 and 3 axis Cinestar gimbal (1x MoVi M5 gimbal included)
– Photo Higher: Pro Mount 200, Halo 2000, Halo 3000
– DJI Zenmuse Z15

Returns: Due to the nature of the UAV market we accept no returns, but all systems are fully tested before leaving our site, and if DOA we do all repairs under warranty.

Shipping: Contact us about shipping, we will do our best to make this the easiest transaction for you.

Warranty: 1 year written warranty from the time of delivery against defective components or parts.

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